About REE Conference

The Electricity Market Conference (Rynek Energii Elektrycznej - REE) gathers a large group of representatives of energy communities every year, representing all sides of the energy market - sub-sectors of generation, transmission, trade and distribution as well as energy consumers. The meetings in Kazimierz were permanently recorded in the conference calendar, also gaining recognition of the arriving representatives of the relevant ministries and central offices. The "Electricity Market" in subsequent editions since 1994 is a platform for the exchange of ideas and views as well as disputes and discussions in which we always care about the topicality of the subject, as well as maintaining impartiality and objectivity. The proof of this is the fact that it is being extended - in all its previous editions - to its patronage not only by the energy sector, but also by the Ministry of Energy and the Energy Regulatory Office.

The organizers of the REE Conference are the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers and the Lublin University of Technology.

Conference Venue   

The Conference is organised in Kazimierz Dolny, an old, small town situated 50 km north-west from Lublin, on Vistula river. For over 600 years Kazimierz Dolny has been known as a historic place. With his characteristic architecture and location it is one of most picturesque site in Poland and a favourite place of artistic performances. 

Conference fee
Conference fee includes access to all sessions, conference proceedings, full accommodation, participation in all conference events (excursion, dinners and refreshments), transport by bus from/to Lublin Airport. Conference fee is expected to be transferred to:

Name of Account:
Stowarzyszenie Elektryków Polskich 00-050 Warszawa, ul. Świętokrzyska 14
20-150 Lublin, ul. Rapackiego 13
IBAN: PL03 1240 5497 1111 0010 2159 0785

Previous conferences

1. REE 1994 - The development of the electricity market in Poland
2. REE 1995 - Settlement and tariff systems
3. REE 1996 - Wholesale market, local markets
4. REE 1997 - Development and competition
5. REE 1998 - Restructuring of the Polish power industry - expectations and effects
6. REE 1999 - Development of the electricity market in Poland and the European market
7. REE 2000 - Development and harmonization of structures
8. REE 2001 - Liberalization - opportunities and threats
9. REE 2002 - Achievements, experiences, challenges
10. REE 2003 - From restructuring ... to the European Union
11. REE 2005 - Energy security of Poland in the structure of the European Union
12. REE 2006 - Dilemmas of market development
13. REE 2007 - Energy market in the perspective of consolidation
14. REE 2008 - Premises of the new energy policy - fuels, technologies, management
15. REE 2009 - Threats and new challenges
16. REE 2010 - Market, technologies, policy
17. REE 2011 - Market and policy
18. REE 2012 - Energy in the era of European integration and the financial crisis
19. REE 2013 - New legal regulations and reality
20. REE 2014 - Experience and challenges
21. REE 2015 - Market development and competitiveness of the economy
22. REE 2016 - Energy security of Poland
23. REE 2017 - Changes in the energy sector and in its economic and technical environment
24. REE 2018 - Current challenges
25. REE 2019 - 25 years of experience - a new start


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